Domino Ax150i Continuous Inkjet Printer Entry Level Coding with High Quality Printing

The Ax150i is an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use continuous inkjet printer from Domino.

Domino Ax150i is an industrial ink jet coding machine that is widely used for printing codes on products in various industries. It is a reliable ink jet printer that can produce high-quality print codes, making it a popular choice for companies that need a fast and efficient coding machine.

The inkjet coding systems used in the Domino Ax150i are made with high-quality ink that is designed to produce long-lasting prints, ensuring that your codes remain legible even after the products have expired.

Its compact size and quick stop-start performance make it highly flexible and suitable for a range of coding needs, whether you’re just starting out or scaling up production. The Ax150i is equipped with the i-Pulse printhead for high-quality printing and supports a variety of i-Pulse inks.

The intelligent consumable system allows for quick ink and make-up changes, while the i-Tech module eliminates the need for traditional servicing. The Ax150i features the i-Techx electronics platform and QuickStep user interface, making it easy to use and reducing the risk of operator errors.

As a cost-effective solution for batch coding and variable data printing, the Ax150i is a great choice for businesses looking to save money while maintaining reliable, high-quality printing.

The Domino Ax150i is the newest continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer in the Ax-Series, replacing the A-Series products such as the A120, A100+, and A220.

Known for their easy to use, low cost of ownership, and low running costs, the Ax150i continues this tradition by offering the ability to print up to five lines of code. It is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for flexibility, reliability, and simplicity in their coding needs, without sacrificing quality or performance. The Ax150i is an ideal choice for those who want to save money while maintaining high standards in their printing.

Clean & Clear Codes

High Quality, Consistent prints on a variety of surfaces

Quick installation systems

The touch screen display allows users to access and control various functions and settings of the printer

Wide Range of Materials

Compatible with a wide range of media, including plastic, paper, film and label.

Less Ink Consumption

High-quality droplets of ink, which contribute to its ability to produce high-quality prints with 20% less ink consumption

Automatic Cleaning

Function that helps to maintain the printhead and reduce the need for manual cleaning.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Compact and lightweight, making it easy to install and use in a variety of settings.

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