Big on Boxes Cx350i High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Large format box coding for your Industry 4.0 factory

The Cx350i inkjet printer offers reliable and consistent high-contrast printing capabilities for porous boxes and cases. With this printer, you can expect clear and crisp printing directly onto your packaging materials, making it an ideal choice for industries that require accurate labeling and product information. The Cx350i inkjet printer is designed to deliver high-resolution prints, ensuring that your packaging looks professional and stands out on the shelves.

Unlock the power of direct box coding with the Cx350i High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer. This powerful printer allows you to print brand logos, graphics, Grade-A ID and 2D barcodes (including GS1-128, GTIN-14), product batch information, and serialized data for product traceability, all with consistent, high-contrast printing directly onto your porous boxes and cases. With the Cx350i, you have the flexibility to print downwards onto the top surface, to print lower onto the box/tray, to print on an incline, and to overcome space constraints, thanks to its remote head technology. You can even traverse the remote head to facilitate printing onto static boxes, making the Cx350i an ideal solution for all your direct box coding needs.

If you’re looking for cost-effective, high-quality printing solutions, our product has got you covered. With our direct box coding technology, you can save on costs and reduce waste from pre-printed boxes and labels. Our vegetable-oil-based, environmentally friendly inks ensure that you’re not only saving money, but also doing your part for the planet. Plus, our advanced technology with flexible print resolution means that you can achieve the best code quality while using the least amount of ink possible, saving you even more on operational costs. Say goodbye to expensive pre-printed boxes and labels and hello to more cost-effective, sustainable, and high-quality direct box coding with our product.

The accuracy and consistency of printed codes are crucial for quality control and traceability. Our printing technology offers smart integration with coding automation software, ensuring that each code is accurate and consistent. Additionally, we integrate barcode scanners and vision control to confirm the readability of every printed code. With our technology, you can rest assured that your products are correctly labeled and easily traceable throughout the supply chain.

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