Thermal Inkjet Printer G20i Simple to install. Simple to configure. Simple to code

The Domino G20i is a compact, cost-effective single-sided case coder designed for easy setup and use without technical knowledge. 

It is ideal for printing data and text codes on outer case secondary packaging and uses a Thermal Inkjet print head for high-resolution codes on various substrates without the need for maintenance or support. 

The G20i is the entry-level solution for one-sided box coding and can be quickly and easily installed without requiring any technical expertise. All necessary components are included in the package and the system can be self-installed. 

Cartridge change is a simple process that can be completed in less than 20 seconds without the need for technical skills or tools.

Overall, the Thermal Inkjet Printing G20i is a reliable, high-quality print and marking solution for outer case secondary packaging that is sure to meet the needs of businesses in Indonesia. 

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Agus Wicaksono

Business Owner

Kami beralih ke Domino Print Ax-Series dan telah melihat pengurangan biaya cetak secara signifikan. Sangat merekomendasikan.

Kemala Basuki

Purchasing Manager

Kami sangat puas dengan tingkat layanan yang kami terima dari Tim Api Rintis Mas. Tim mereka selalu responsif dan membantu.

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