Domino Ax Series ITM: A High-Tech, Cost-Effective, and Efficient Solution for you production line

The Ax150i is an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use continuous inkjet printer from Domino. 

The i-Tech module is a high-tech feature for Ax-Series range of printers, this advanced system is designed to maintain optimal performance and efficiency, thanks to its easy-to-change i-Tech module which can be replaced in just under ten minutes.
The Ax-Series ITM is available in 3 types: 
  1.  ITM-02 is a calendar run time ITM is ideal for standard users with medium to high running hours and shift operations also can be use with the regular & pigmented Inks
  2. ITM-03 is for Heavy Duty Purpose specifically design for Pigmented Ink application and Harsh Environment.
  3. ITM-06 is ideal for low usage customers who runs single shift operations or less.

These CIJ Ax-Series printers with i-Tech Module (ITM) are suitable for high line speeds across a variety of industries and applications, It is capable of printing on a wide range of surfaces and can be easily installed. 

Here are some benefit of using Ax-Series with the i-Tech Module (ITM) Technology: 

  1. The ITM is a feature of some Domino printing systems that is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership.
  2. The ITM minimizes the need for conventional servicing, such as manual filter replacement, which can help to reduce labor costs and downtime.
  3. The ITM is designed to be easy to refill and maintain, which can help to reduce ink costs and minimize waste.
  4. The ITM can help businesses to reduce their total printing costs and maximize their productivity.
  5. When compared to older technology or manual filter change systems, the ITM can help to reduce labor costs, ink costs, and downtime.
Domino Printing has been a leader in Continuous Inkjet technology for over 40 years and is known for producing high-quality, reliable, and versatile coding & marking printers.

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